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Trust the experts when it comes to your health and wellness. We empower you to build your best self with proactive care and services and help you take your best shot at life!


I tested positive for covid and my medical provider requested an infusion. I received a call and got an appointment scheduled, and wanted to thank them. My visit was awesome, Kristin made me feel very comfortable as I’m a nervous wreck about the unknown. They answered any questions I had. It was nice to be treated like a person and not a number. They really went out of there way to make me feel comfortable. If I ever have to have any needles I would want them to be the ones doing it. Wish all medical providers had this type of care!!!

Debi R.


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The first “Convenient Care Clinic” of it’s type in Arkansas

What is West side Wellness?

West Side Wellness offers more than influenza vaccines and school boosters; we work with everyone from high-performing athletes to hard-working parents to meet their health and wellness goals through injections of vitamins, immune boosters, and other health-enhancing compounds. From everyday health needs to weight loss goals, West Side Wellness is here to serve you with expert advice and personalized treatment!

A new kind of healthcare

We offer an innovative, service-based healthcare that gives you right-now solutions. Feel better, go farther, and take your best shot at life without an appointment or long waits. We led the way on convenient care in Arkansas, and we’re putting health innovations to work for you to provide a new kind of healthcare that empowers you to take control of your wellness!

Wellness infusions & injections

Improve your body and mind with our suite of wellness shots, designed for workout recovery, mental focus, weight loss, and more.

Routine vaccinations

Whether it is for work, school, travel or everyday living, Westside Wellness can provide you with the immunizations you need to stay healthy!

Travel vaccinations

Let our experts make sure you depart with the right shots to keep you safe while traveling. Our team is always up to date with CDC recommendations and can provide almost any vaccination required.

Lab services

Westside Wellness serves individuals with lab services.

Services for teams

Protect your team and create a safe and healthy workspace with screenings, flu clinics, and more.

Take your best shot

Whether you’re getting ready to go on vacation or back to school or work, whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a hardworking parent, we’re ready to serve you! Let us empower you to take control of your health and wellness and experience the best personalized care in central Arkansas. Call or visit us today to take your best shot at a full and healthy life!