Travel Vaccinations

Yellow FeverTyphoid CholeraHepatitis AHepatitis BMeningitisPolioShinglesMMRFluDTPChicken PoxCovid-19
Yellow Fever - $250
Typhoid - $175
Cholera - $550
Hepatitis A - $125
Hepatitis B - $130
Meningitis - $190/$275
Polio - $120
Shingles - $220
MMR - $160
Flu - $75/$90
DTP - $120
Chicken Pox - $195
Covid-19 - $100

Now offering all travel vaccines!

What vaccinations are required for a trip to Djibouti? What about that South American shore excursion? Our experts stay up to date with CDC recommendations and can provide almost any vaccination required. Protect yourself when you travel for work or vacation with expert guidance from Westside Wellness!

Consultation Fee: $75

(Must be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance of travel)

For Groups of 5-10 Consultation fee: $60 per person

For Groups greater than 10 consultation fee: $50 per person.

MUST pay for the vaccine at the time of administration. We will be happy to file on your insurance. IF they pay, you will be reimbursed.